1. Visit https://office.com or https://login.micorosoftonline.com/
  2. Use name@chempu.ac.in (change name to your account name)
  3. For first time users, the default password is ‘Chempu@123’ (without quotes)
  4. First time users will be prompted to reset their default password
  5. In the next screen confirm your mobile number and alternate email. This is important for forgotten password recovery
  6. After successful login you will see apps licensed to you
  7. To access your mail, visit https://outlook.office.com
  8. To access all your apps,  visit https://www.office.com/apps?auth=2
  9. To access your teams apps, visit https://teams.microsoft.com
  10. To access your account, visit https://myaccount.microsoft.com/?ref=MeControl

What default apps are included in your license:

o365 apps