Chemistry is a wide-ranging subject with many potential applications in medicine, electricity generation and storage, and even molecular computing. We want to inspire students of all ages and abilities through practical chemistry.

We have the following programs:

  • Summer and Winter Workshops
  • Invited Talks
  • Corporate and Academic Training
  • School Students’ Visit
  • Department and University Tours

Purpose of our Outreach

The Department of Chemistry at the Pondicherry University is continually developing its outreach program to fulfill the following aims:

To encourage students from all backgrounds to consider higher education by providing them with information and experiences that help them make informed decisions about their future

To encourage students to study chemistry, through delivering exciting and engaging workshops and by developing their understanding of the careers available in chemistry

To support the teaching of chemistry in schools by providing access to undergraduate level equipment and teaching staff for students, and CPD and resources for teachers

To support and train Q&A, R&D personals for chemical and pharmaceutical industries to kick start their work immediately after they join industries

If you have a specific requirement please get in touch at