The department is engaged in a number of innovative areas of work. Our research crosses traditional boundaries and engages with other disciplines, both within Pondicherry University and with external stakeholders across a range of sectors. The importance of the Department’s research in the real world is exemplified by our many industrial collaborations and successful start-ups. This collaborative network is reflected in our 8 main research themes

  • Catalysis
  • Synthesis
  • Chemical Biology
  • Dynamics & Mechanism
  • Functional Materials and Interfaces
  • Theory & Modelling

The facilities at Chemistry, Pondicherry for research and teaching are among the best available in India, with a wide range of the latest instrumentation and a huge computational resource networked throughout the University.

Among the facilities available are the latest in automated X-ray diffractometers, electron microscopes, scanning tunneling microscopes, mass spectrometers, high-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers and specialized instruments for the study of solids.