Access to the department’s diverse range of equipment and expertise is also available to industry, where we can provide your company with testing and analysis services. Our equipment is housed in Department and ‘Central Instrumentation Facility’ and run by dedicated experts with the know how to provide innovative solutions to your company’s issues.

NMR Facility
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Mass Spectrometry Facility
The facility is extensively equipped with a selection of mass spectrometers and inlet systems including LC/MS. Particular services include high-resolution accurate mass analysis, amino acid analysis, proteomics and bulk/compound specific isotope ratio mass spectrometry.

Chemical Crystallography
Chemical crystallography, equipped with state of the art diffractometer, carrying expertise in a range of related areas including absolute structure determination, structures from liquids, chiral discrimination, crystallisation and polymorphism. Past clients include various pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms.

Electrochemical Facility

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CHN&S Elemental Analysis

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