Chemistry is a wide-ranging science concerned with matter at the atomic and molecular scale. Important facets are synthesis, structure, microscopic mechanisms, properties, analysis and transformations of all types of materials.

Chemists are a constant source of innovation: it is hard to imagine any product introduced in recent times that did not require the creative efforts of a chemist. Chemistry underpins the conceptual framework and methodology of biochemistry and molecular medicine and is at the heart of many major industries.

A good Chemistry degree opens the door to an extensive choice of careers.

Teaching and research are closely linked: Pondicherry is one of the leading chemistry departments in India with a state-of-the-art lab and international level research in a broad range of areas including: synthesis and catalysis; medicinal and biological chemistry; sustainable energy; advanced materials; innovative measurement; and theoretical and computational chemistry. We expect to be teaching an exciting new and student centered curriculum from June 2019.

The department has an outstanding track record in attracting funds from government and private sources, which has raised lakhs of rupees for the University.

Presently we offer the following programs:

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  • 5-year Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry
  • 2-year M.Sc. Chemistry
  • Ph.D. Chemistry